Broodcomb Press

House publisher for the peninsula


“I’m not a native of the peninsula, and I never intended to become one. I first came here for a curiosity, and I moved here permanently because the peculiar tenor of the land here spoke to me. I’d never been anywhere so ordinary, and yet it was a place that put the notion of ordinariness in doubt. An eeriness at dusk here connected me to the present in a way I’d never experienced before, especially around Cubton, the tiny houses of Tinton built in and around the granite tors, the coastal villages of Sevenston and Annesdock.” – from ‘A Tantony Pig’

The peninsula abounds in strange tales, and the nature of the way the settlers here have found harmony leads to distinctly off-kilter fictions and poetry. Encompassing poetry, strange tales and experimental fiction, Broodcomb Press is a home for the writing that belongs here: disquieting truths about the region – tales both eerie and shocking – together with exploring the fantastic/everyday meaning of what it means to be human.

Defiantly eclectic yet ever engaging, Broodcomb Press is devoted to the pleasures of reading, the imagination and an old-fashioned delight in the new—

In all truth, it might not be for you.

R. Ostermeier and J.M. Walsh

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