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Author: Omissioner

Broodcomb Press Art

This week and weekend, art work is being exhibited at Seal Chart Etching Studio as part of their Small Print Show. If you’re in the area, the show is as magnificent as ever, with printmaking on display from dozens of artists. Seal Chart Etching Studio, Chart Farm, Kent TN15 0ES  


As part of Coastal Currents, Miranda Waugh and I collaborated on Rising,  a four-part film story exploring the layers of history that lie on the beach below the hut. Each film illuminates different images from the poem and, in situ, can be viewed independently or simultaneously using an augmented reality app that turns flat images […]

Coastal Currents

I’ve been putting final touches to one of the writing projects for Coastal Currents in St Leonards on Sea on the first two weekends in September. This is an exciting joint project with Miranda Waugh exploring stories from the sea, collected and told using film, audio, photography, flash fiction and augmented reality. Add your voice to a new […]

First publications

The Settlements, by O. Jamie Walsh, is published on the 3rd of August, 2018.  This initial run is limited to 250 numbered copies. If you’re interested in writings both fine and strange, feel free to purchase the book. Also published is A Mosaic Obituary, the final experimental work by Peter Asbæk. Conceived as an obituary […]

An omissioner

Omissioner [n.]  an omissioner is a spiritual Lumpensammeller, a person employed to collect things cast off or considered of no use, e.g. string, cloth, bones. Now strictly a pastoral role, today’s omissioners wander the city with eyes in their shoes, looking in the low places for the worth in the parts of lives others deem insignificant or […]

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