Broodcomb Press

House publisher for the peninsula

Limited Offers

For a limited time only, Broodcomb Press is offering a discount on all titles. As ‘A Mosaic Obituary’ and ‘Inexistent Texts No. 1’ are almost sold out (never to be reissued), this offer is strictly limited to twenty sets. 

Originally £46 for the complete set, you can now buy ‘A Mosaic Obituary’, ‘The Settlements’, ‘A Journal’, ‘A Trick of the Shadow’ and ‘Inexistent Texts No. 1’ for £35–

Please note: this offer does not include the new Broodcomb Press book, “The Night of Turns”.

UK £35 + Free postage and packing

Europe £35 + £10 postage and packing

RoW £35 + £20.00 postage and packing

USA and Canada £35 + £20.00 postage and packing

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