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Faunus – The Journal of the Friends of Arthur Machen – has reviewed A Trick of the Shadow for their Issue No. 43, which is wonderful news.

The review looks at the collection’s ‘A Tantony Pig’ that is directly inspired by Machen’s ‘The Ritual’, particularly as seen in the film by Julian Butler and Mark Goodall, Holy Terrors.

A Trick of the Shadow […] is a set of disconcerting and bleak stories, all set on the mysterious ‘peninsula’. These are compelling and disquieting tales, with an eerie surrealism running through.” – Timothy J. Jarvis, Faunus

The short story ‘Meiko’ by J.M. Walsh appears in Tartarus Press’s Strange Tales: Tartarus Press at 30, edited by Rosalie Parker. The tale of a curious visitor to a country estate a century ago, and the lifelong effect his arrival – and the contents of the long box he travels with – has on the daughter of the house–

J.M. Walsh is also featured in the last two editions of the Society for Existential Analysis’s journal, Hermeneutic Circular, first with “To the Egress” (October, 2019) and in October, 2020, The Port.


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