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“In her youth, Edita travelled to travel, but she was also a keen and talented golfer, and in her years away from her sister(s) took in some of the most toothsome courses on the continent.
      In Ballater, on the kind of summer day dealt to Scotland once a year, she stepped into the charmed room only game players know, where command of the field becomes near telekinetic, and the player is one with all that belongs to the game. She described this experience as an extension of her mind into the field of play, her consciousness present in the grass, the wood, the wind and the land, even within the ball at the reach of the drive―
      ―it didn’t matter how far, she told me, years later. The ball belonged to me still. We were one of the strings it’s said the universe is made of. All parts of me were connected. It didn’t matter how distant. Hand, eye, ball, iron. We were the same substance.”

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